For IPC module in Galaxy, S-MAX, Mondeo there are 3 ways to update directly with UCDS …

Do not take the order literally, it depends on the necessity and your request …

I. Update through the Update Wizard module, select the car model, retrieve the car information, and then go to the IPC module and update the latest version.

II. Update via VBF Loader module.

Select correct files:
 2. Vbf Loader (2kb)
 1. Main (1mb)
 2. Flash (2mb)
the order 2 and 3 can be changed or omitted if you only need one part separately ...

III. Update via «Mondeo Platform» item in Convers + old or Convers + Restyle tab. Depending on whether you have Convers + old type (valid for old ver. 1007 and intermediate version 1122)
Then select main, or main and flash as needed.

If you need to download calibration files, they are on the UCDS website or Ford SEO.
The link is also directly from UCDS
If you need direct links here:

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